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About us

ShopSHEisFILA is about living your truth and showing the world who you are at your core. We believe that women are phenomenal and should be proud of their power, strength, and femininity.  We hope to inspire you to LIVE with purpose, LOVE with passion, and LEAD with power!


About the owner:

Fila Antwine is a prowess in intrapersonal development. She has a deep
intuition that allows her to accurately connect the dots between
people, their stories and their power. Fila is a “go-hard” entrepreneur,
an acclaimed author, one-half of a passionate marriage and a source
of happiness for her two children. Her personal goal is to find whatever
she seeks in love, life and leadership. Her business’s priority is to make
you believe that you are bigger than your obstacles and stronger than
your struggle. She wants you to know that you can think about a plan
for your life, execute it and prosper from it—without permission or regret.